Sunday, November 20, 2011

for a fastly moment with you :)

Yep ! First I never seriously for friends with you . I knew you so bad guy with all your past time :) and you are besties friend of someone who I've ever love.  Never and never think we became lovers . yeah , to remember anniversary it's  so unthinkable  ! On time, I promised with my self to have'nt love for you . Just for fun to have you, and you felt too with me. Although that's finally it's feel so hypocrite with my self . But, you know ?Where and what's wrong ? In a fastly moment with you, I did'nt realize that I learned to love you ! YES, Right! I ready to LOVE you (speling: L-O-V-E). It's Look poor for me ! cause I know you never want to try for love me too . May you're not the best for me, but whether we should always look for the best? you are shoddy, in other side I feel and trust you good boy :) . And now, you finish what I started . 

a letters to my ex-boyfriend : B. O . S 


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