Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quotes of The Day

Kamu baik, karena kamu memberikan kebaikan dan kebahagiaan kepadaku J

Quotes of The Day

"My memory is not as sharp as I remember once, is pointless.Because I'm sure you'll quickly forget"

Corner makeup table and an old picture frame

Every day was never separated from my makeup table before I'm go to school. I've always been interested in place with my makeup table corner, there should be an old frame with a photo of me with my best friends Who I call "melon" or "Sinchan". She has a bold eyebrows that seem funny. That's Photobox We taken at the exhibition FKY Vredeburg July 2010. I Like She spontan expression! Just freak it out .. cheers ...

Silly Helmet

Yeiy, a month month month ago I bought a helmet at Kotabaru Yogyakarta. I found a funny retro helmet. That's white color with blue color display Mashimaro alloys. Yes .. I like mashimaro ! :D cause the caracther make me always laugh . My friend's told me the mashimaro face like me ! sleepy eye's 


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Old Blue Jeans Blazer

when randomizing the contents of the wardrobe, I get something cute .. <3

That's my old blue jeans blazer . I have it when I was grade 6 elementary school ! 

and still pretty when I wear it =D

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My mommy vintage flower shirt

Have you thought to using clothes your mom's or grandma? most of you must think it's pretty weird and look old. But all that can be change!

my mommy vintage flower shirt ;)
with a big round glasses and dark brown woven leather belt 

will be a new style as your character !Interested to mix it your style?
do it! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Quotes for Today

"Kehilangan sesuatu tanpa jejak, bukan berarti  kita harus menyerah untuk mencari jejak yang tak terlihat"

- Rheevarinda Agustifny, 2011 -

It’s a BAD day ! Hope be a GOOD day God

Awwr .. This incident not only happened once in a half of this semester. Yes, I lost my keys again! okay I'm repeated,I-Lost-My - Motorcycle Keys-Again! #Wth. And similar situations, heavy rains.where are my keys have gone?!Maybe they get bored with me and lost in its own way *crazy

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I wrote something in my tweety yesterday : 

" just need someone who needed me "

- @rheevarinda , "on twitter" -

Quotes of the day

"must not to be perfect to love someone, it's like you and me"

- @rheevarinda, 2011

for a fastly moment with you :)

Yep ! First I never seriously for friends with you . I knew you so bad guy with all your past time :) and you are besties friend of someone who I've ever love.  Never and never think we became lovers . yeah , to remember anniversary it's  so unthinkable  ! On time, I promised with my self to have'nt love for you . Just for fun to have you, and you felt too with me. Although that's finally it's feel so hypocrite with my self . But, you know ?Where and what's wrong ? In a fastly moment with you, I did'nt realize that I learned to love you ! YES, Right! I ready to LOVE you (speling: L-O-V-E). It's Look poor for me ! cause I know you never want to try for love me too . May you're not the best for me, but whether we should always look for the best? you are shoddy, in other side I feel and trust you good boy :) . And now, you finish what I started . 

a letters to my ex-boyfriend : B. O . S 
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