Thursday, December 8, 2011

" See what you can see "

Of many shots, for some reason I just liked this picture ........

Hey ! here who I see ?!

And Hey ! in here who  is the man see?!

actually is made LOL ! ( >o< )

Quotes of The Day

“ Bring and give happiness wherever you are”
- Rheevarinda Agustifany 

Quotes from my Fav Lecturer

"Worst of the skills you have, when only you have, anyone would belooking for you"

 - Muchsin M, Lecturer FKM

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Passion in Work

Recently I was busy with making a video clip for a band that covers songs from the Rocket Rockers - Dia for the task end of the semester. I am delighted to cooperate with people who have a passion in work. the image is taken inVredeburg. This unintended samples taken by my colleagues during the process of making a video ....
"here are the paparazi !"

"We are The Crew"

 The Girl: "Do you understand what you must do in here?"
The Boy: "Honestly, No. I don't"
The Girl: "Oh, We just not to laugh!"
Video clip director: "CUT!! what happen ? that picture has taken ! please be seriously. Repeat!"

The Girl : "Don't cheat on me"
The Boy: "No, I don't"
The Girl :"Hey! please don't do it"
The Boy: "I just want to see you"
The Girl : "Awwrrr, just reason!"

"Hey, take we pic !"


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