Monday, January 16, 2012

How To Make Water Filter and Biogas (cara membuat Alat Penjernih Air dan Biogas Sederhana)

This is my final semester of college. I was given the task of documented how to make water filters andbiogas. See and check how to manufacture. Give constructive comments and suggestions. thank's:)

All Diseases Have a Cure

     SICK  But "all that you suffer sickness there is always a cure. And if you hurt because someone, the cure is someone else to be happy about your"

Sunday, January 15, 2012

My First Scratches in This Year's

Ola la` . . ! That's Dragon year . .Have spirit like a dragon. Be dragonfly and grow up become a strong dragon !
I just wanted to say “Happy New Life!”
what your resolution this year? [think]
I HOPE’S  ............
- Try to write better
- Can see ADTR concert in jakarta [early March]
- Getting good grades at the end of the semester exams
- Get a good boyfriend
- Give something special to my parents

hopefully one of our hopes can be realize in this year’s !

ah, I have a special quote :
"Be that as dandelions blowing in the wind, can grow into a newlife in a new place"
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